I have a request for readers of zentrader. I was thinking while the markets were tanking the other day about what stocks I’d like to build positions in should the market reach levels that even traders would become investors. So lets say the markets collapsed and you had the “once in a lifetime opportunity” to buy just one stock, which one would it be? You would be buying under the assumption that the markets hit bottom, and you would be holding for at least 1-2 of years. All you have to do is right a comment with the ticker symbol, no explanation is required. I think it would be interesting to see the different responses and we may even learn something along the way.

I’ll get us started with my pick. ADM, supermarket to the world. The world’s got to eat. So to recap, if the markets bottomed tomorrow, which one stock would you want to own at rock bottom prices to hold for a longer term frame that you normally would.