Sorry, I think I accidently posted one chart without any text for this field earlier, it went to wrong place – purpose was to explain something for someone what swing size 1.618 means with one crab.

It has been bullish market over the week after monday last final small plunge to SP 1038 area. I see 1100 as a bit danger area but many chart are fighting with actual turns now. Pretty light, but still long with Visa and now with HPQ too.

There is times to comment something and there is times to not comment anything – I choose second one at this time because honestly I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen now. I see significant risk for drop to 930 area and I see significant risk of much higher numbers too – so, it is “so so” for me now. ABC drop to 1038 was not so difficult even I was ready to see even 1000 with it. 1100 might turn but 1130 also possible.

We see if we live.