Hi people,


We started dabbling with shares for more than 3 years… it all started with my partner who took foot into one of the local house in Singapore and for the first time, we got exposed to the world of investment. We start to read and understand the terminologies in the stock market, following the news and reading the candlesticks. With a little knowledge gained from here and there, we started investing and only ended up with substantial losses…. Seems like investment is not really an easy ball game as it looks with a up up up and a down down down… It can be chopping up and down like a rally


Not giving up, we started taking up serious courses to gain a more in-depth understanding, and that’s where we were first introduced to Technical Analysis. All the different types of indicators, the candlestick patterns, looking at the buy and sell volume… we got fascinated and laughed at our stupidity in the past of not discovering such amazing tools earlier… yeah.. We are those types of people who get perks up easily and never say die…


We spent thousands learning from courses, seminars, workshops, you name it, we were there before… Spending hours deciphering, applying and trying on live accounts with small amounts. We take notes of every single trade executed and conduct post evaluation on why it’s a win and why it’s a loss. We make sure that we comprehend our analysis, realize where we have gone wrong, and affirm the combination of techniques used… and today, we are kind of proud to say that we have appeasing results from our conscientious efforts to making it happen for us.


Starting from June 2009, we start our blog to share with you, our analysis… we are new to blogging, may not be as fantastic in contents right from the beginning yet… but we will improve and make it better… So, let’s embrace a rewarding investment journey together…


 I begin, to make it easier for you, here is an overall watch list for us that we pay full attention to in our investment diary.


Overall Watch List for Singapore Stock Market, in terms of sectors:


1)    Commodities

2)    Financial

3)    Consumer

4)    Oil & Gas

5)    Ship Building

6)    REIT

7)    Technology

8)    Property

9)    Construction



Just a quick recall of May 2009

Reflecting on the weekly chart dated 25/05/09 – 29/05/09, Straits Times Index (STI) was up by 112.92 points with a volume of 8.3 billion.

 If 01/06/09 – 05/06/09, STI is up for less than 112.92 points, yet with heavier volume than 8.3 billion, signifies a possible up trend with less buying strength, thus, weakening on the up trend.