I am sure most of you have heard of the government-sponsored agency called SETI. The acronym stands for Searching For Extraterrestrial Life. You see, some folks believe that there are civilizations out there actually listening to our radio signals as they pass through deep space. The SETI professionals also believe these same alien folk could be trying to send us a message, so they have set up huge arrays of listening devices in key places around the globe.

Now, I believe that life does exist out there in deep space. I don’t know if it is intelligent, or if it is simply tiny bacteria swimming in some exotic ooze, but the odds against some life form existing are slim indeed.  

I carry the same belief about the audience for this column – the odds against some life form existing out “there” (TraderPlanet land) are slim indeed. The difference for me is that although I don’t know if life in deep space is intelligent, I do know that life out there in TraderPlanet land is quite intelligent. ”Oh sure,” you might say, “how could you know if that life is intelligent, or if it exists at all?” My answer, although you might not believe it, is that TraderPlanet land life has actually communicated with me in the past.

Okay, okay … Don’t call the medical folks in white suits. I am not crazy. In fact, I can prove it. I have evidence that intelligent life exists in TraderPlanet land. Okay, most of the proof is a bit blurry, and those who study this phenomenon for a living claim that my “proof” could be a hoax, an elaborate scheme just to get my 15 minutes of fame, but don’t buy it. I really did not take the necessary time to “make up” the communications I have received in the past. Those “comments” from TraderPlanet life are real.

I am not asking you to have “faith” in me, nor am I asking you to take my word for it. I am simply asking that you don’t dismiss my claims outright. I am asking you to have an open mind about the existence of intelligent life in TraderPlanet land.

Although my current evidence is slim, I know that one day a clear, unambiguous comment will appear in my “listening” device. One day, I will wake up and in the space provided for that elusive comment from “out there” a thoughtful comment will appear. And when that day comes, I will hold that helpful comment up for all to see, and I will claim, “Dude, where is my car?” Oops. I meant, “Back off, *%&#@^, who’s your daddy now?” No, wrong, sorry. I guess I am just too excited about the coming moment. I need to calm down because when that day does come, I want to be calm, collected, and focused in on the content of the comment. You see, when that comment does come, I will reply in such a way as to create dialogue, an exchange of ideas between them and me, whoever “them” may be.

In the meantime, if any of you support my belief, let me know. I need all the support I can get. Thanks…

Trade in the day; invest in your life …

Trader Ed