A friend of mine sent me this video and thought I should share it. After watching it I tend to agree with what she says about companies that are relying on taxpayers bailouts to survive. If they can’t function without government support, they shouldn’t be paying their CEO’s exorbitant salaries. $400,000 may even be too much, but at least somebody in government is trying to do something. As to whether it gets passed, that’s another story.

She talks about confidence being a big problem in this country, and while I do agree with her, I don’t think the American people are going to feel good about what is going on until there is some justice and repercussions for some of the insane dealings that have been going on. It seems like every day we hear about some inane act of greed that is almost unbelievable. By the way, where did Wall St. find 18 billion to pay out in bonuses and don’t you just love how the media spins the story by saying that Wall St. bonuses are down like 50% from last year? Are we supposed to feel sorry for them?

Until the leaders of the financial world come back to reality, and our government takes the proper steps to ground them, nothing will change. However, at least I felt like I was listening to a Senator who on the surface, sounds like she’s making sense.