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It’s time to start buying oil stocks!!!

With gasoline prices around $1.00 a gallon higher than last year, it is finally time to start investing in oil stocks. I think the time of the “Safe Play” is now over. It’s time to gamble.

Oil stocks have been slapped hard over the last year and a half. Most of the companies involved in oil have really been suffering. Now that summer is coming, you can expect to see the price of oil rise. The oil stocks will gradually start to rise with the price of oil. Limited supply and increased demand will drive many oil companies on amazing runs.

I have been investing heavily in Delta Petroleum Corp. (DPTR). I have been buying since the $1.19 level. My prediction is this: DPTR stock will easily hit the $3.00 + level by April 15th. If I was you, I would buy 1000 shares while the price is low!!!

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