The market changed little today as earnings week started. There is talk on whether or not rates will be raised. Experts are talking about giving banks holdings in case of losses so that the bailouts will not affect the consumer as it did this past year. Jeff Skilling of Enron will get his new day in court in which a debate of what is honest services. His lawyer speculates that ethics and fraud are different and that there should be guidance on what the statutes should be. Skilling claims that where he was tried had biased opinions which affected the result of his trial. This guy is a bright, well groomed, egocentric, oh and a complete thieving jerk. People lost their entire pension and savings due to Skilling and his team. Not only should he not get a retrial but the debate on what is right and wrong should not be debated. Posting future earnings in advance is stealing! Posting better numbers to increase your stock is illegal!