Simple but profound article by Janice Dorn. My stock world revolves around my trade plan, blog and those who contribute in the form of feedback, twitter, and my continued education in the markets. I was told that it takes about 10 years to fully realize your potential as a trader. Well it will be 10 years since I first started trading this year, so I guess I’m about to become a realized trader…
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However, in order to be successful and maintain longevity as a trader, it is necessary to read, study, learn and keep reading, studying and learning until the day you stop trading. Being a self-directed trader or investor affords one great freedom, but comes with a price. That price is the commitment to never ever stop learning and practicing, and to treat trading like you would any business endeavor. On average, mastery takes 10-15 years and 10,000-20,000 hours of dedicated practice.
Above all, learn from your own mistakes and your own victories. Learn what works for you and what doesn’t work for you and come to see how your biggest mistakes are your greatest teachers. Study yourself in depth. Keep studying, day after day, and set aside at least two hours a day just for research and study.
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