Yesterday, The Eastman Kodak Company (EK) introduced two new members of its family of innovative retail photo center solutions that provide consumers with a superior and more environmental conscious experience in retail photo centers: the KODAK Picture Kiosk G4XE Order Station and the KODAK 8810 Photo Printer. 

The two products will deliver outstanding photo processing performance and efficiency, and will allow consumers to create stunning photos faster and with more choices than older kiosk models. 

The KODAK Picture Kiosk G4XE 
The new G4XE is the latest generation KODAK Order Station, offering significant performance increases with substantially higher energy efficiency than older KODAK kiosk models. The kiosk can be used on a printer cabinet as an instant photo solution or as an order station for submitting orders into the award winning KODAK Adaptive Picture Exchange (APEX) dry or wet mini-lab systems. Leveraging one of the fastest processors in the industry, the KODAK Picture Kiosk G4XE is more than 44% faster on average for typical consumer photo orders, and up to 70% faster on average for creating KODAK Picture Movie DVDs, compared with KODAK G3 models. The G4XE supports the KODAK Picture Kiosk Software v2.0 for exceptionally fast picture access and organization along with offering a comprehensive suite of premium photo creation products both on and off-site. 

The New KODAK 8810 Photo Printer 
The new KODAK 8810 Photo Printer will enable consumers to easily create 8×10 and 8×12 prints, photo books, collages and calendars, as well as 4×8 greeting cards, in glossy or satin finish in only seconds – all from one media SKU. Retailers can use their APEX or KODAK Picture Kiosk Software to set the printing options they desire for their store – all glossy prints, all satin prints or allow the consumer to choose. With the new KODAK Photo Printer 8810 consumers can receive an 8×10 print in as little as 39 seconds and an 8×12 print in as little as 44 seconds. The 8810 printer is retail staff-friendly, using no wet inks and also featuring a brand new auto load system. Retail clerks need simply to set the paper roll into the media compartment and close the cover – the printer does the rest. 

Management believes that the company’s innovation and investment in consumer retail photo solutions will enable retailers to enrich consumer experience, which in turn will help promote profitable premium products.
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