Department store chain Kohl’s Corp. (KSS) recently appointed existing President and CEO Kevin Mansell as Chairman of its board, effective Sept. 1. Mansell would replace Larry Montgomery, who would continue to be a board member until Jan. 30, 2010 to facilitate smooth transition of senior officials following his retirement.

Montgomery joined Kohl’s in 1988 as Senior Vice President and Director of stores. He then graduated to senior positions like the Executive Vice President and Vice Chairman. In 1994, he was appointed as a board member and subsequently in 1999 he was promoted as CEO. He has held the position of Chairman since 2003.

Mansell joined Kohl’s as Divisional Merchandise Manager in 1982 and was promoted to General Merchandise Manager in 1987. Over the years, he became a key member of the company and was responsible for merchandise planning and allocation. In 1998, he was promoted as the Senior Executive Vice President of Merchandising and Marketing, and in the following year he was appointed as President. Finally, he became CEO of the company last year.

With proven expertise and long-term strategic vision, Mansell was the unanimous choice for the Chairman’s position. Kohl’s would like to capitalize on his vast experience to tide over the challenging and competitive marketplace that has put significant pressure on the company.

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