Think it doesn’t work? I have had some strange coincidences happen to me that I want to share because they are so bizarre that I wanted to write them down before I forget them. Just a few minutes ago I watched this video.

Earlier in the week I rewatched one of my favorite movies “Pi” that I have not viewed in well over a year. The main premise of the film is about how there’s a pattern in everything and the golden ratio .

After I watched the go gratitude film I signed up for the 42 day challenge and this page showed up. There’s two important phrases that jumped out at me while I was reading this.

The first is the word “Synchronistically”. Now this is not a common word and I just happened to watch a interesting video dealing with “Synchromisticism” on youtube earlier this week, dealing with how the universe is inter-related blurring the line between entertainment and reality.

Another coincidence that spun out of me watching this video was at the beginning of the video was an interesting quote by Carl Jung that I tweeted.

“Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside awakens”.

I thought it to be rather profound and almost Zen like so I thought I’d share. Minutes after I did somebody with the name thecarljung started following me. I found that odd in itself, that somebody who wasn’t a trader, who just happened to have come across my tweet that fast, decided to start following me. It was almost too eerie.

Ok…getting back to the 2nd phrase from the GoGratitude letter is the phrase “Master Key…” Standing upright on my desk this second is Napolean Hill’s book “The Master Key to Riches.” I’ve started it a few weeks back, but I’m only on page 10 or so right now as I’ve been busy with other things. This weird coincidence makes me want to hole up in my room and read it right away!

Update: I’d like to add one last thing I noticed about this GoGratitude letter that I didn’t see the first time. I noticed it when I was showing my daughter and it sort of jumped out at me.

This may be a reach, but for long time readers of my blog they know that the Anthony Robbins seminar I attended last year had a big impact on my life. The event was called “Unleash the Power Within.”Embedded within this letter are the phrases “a power now lies within you” and “unleash the source force within.” Coincidence?