Guess what company I am talking about? It is the manufacturer and assembler of components of above ground pools in US. This company also sells pools that are made of wood and steel to retail dealer of pools and spas. After the last trade, the stock went down by almost 20%. If you take a look at its chart, you will see that it has been a very nasty trading for the entire year.

If you still don’t catch who could be this performer, I will tell you. It’s Leisure Direct, Inc. (LDHL.OB), the company with one feature: it tends to be late submitting their filings. It does not matter whether it is a quarterly or annual report. No news on the business was released as well.

One more uninviting thing is that Leisure Direct has no assets, while the liabilities exceed $2,688,000. Besides, the value in the market is negative and there is a huge operating loss.

Another significant fact is that Leisure Direct has been involved in promotional campaign. It paid StockGuru $5,000 in cash and 200,000 restricted 144 shares. Thus investors are advised to be careful considering the opportunity of investment in this company.