I’m playing around with TwitPic a little and posted a chart of the Dow in a 15min view. I’m finding this service incredibly easy to use to post charts and maybe I’ll start using it exclusively in the future. At least for now during the trading day, and when I need to show a bigger chart (such as this one) that my blog won’t allow you to see the full detail. Give me some feedback as to whether you’d like to see charts embedding in the blog or if you like the bigger charts like this. Tweetdeck is so handy and easy to use that I can’t believe I haven’t started using this feature before today.

Anyhow, today was slightly boring as the market threatened to sell off, but by the end of the day it rebounded. What I’m paying attention to now is the 15min chart that I posted and you’ll notice how were consolidating here and could possible bust out higher. The VIX gapped up at the open but couldn’t push higher. How traders react to Obama is anybody’s guess but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a night/day market from open to close.Tech seems like it wants to pull the market higher and right now I believe that will play out, but the smaller time frame will give you clues to which way the market is going to tip it’s hand.