In light of recent news, some LiveJournal users may be looking to move their blogs elsewhere. Lucky for you digital nomads, we’ve got a quick and easy way to build your new home on the LiveJournal import tool.

Already we’ve seen a spike in LiveJournal imports in the past few days — something like 1000%. Welcome!

These folks are migrating to because we have a lot of the same options that you loved on LJ:

Plus a lot of other cool stuff that can’t be found anywhere else, like themes, stats, and spam protection.

To join your friends from LJ here on, just head to the signup page to make an account and blog name. Once you’ve logged in to your spiffy new dashboard, scroll down to Tools and click on Import. You’ll see the LiveJournal Import option there, along with other migration tools:

LJ Import

Click on “LiveJournal” and select the XML file that you exported from LiveJournal to upload. Click “Upload file and Import” and you’re all set! Your content from LJ will now be on

Be sure you’ve saved images and other media to your computer so you can upload them to your new blog. Any links that have your old LiveJournal name in the URL won’t work after you delete that account.