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Lowes (LOW) – is it time?

[The] economy is beginning to come around, you read it, you see it out in public. Example: my father’s electric company has starting picking up the pace to a point where he has struggled keeping up. Things are still recovering obviously but there are definite signs of change.

So is it time to pick up a company like Lowes (LOW)? People in general are still wanting to save money and do things themselves, but certain places should see the turn around first and I believe Lowes could be one of those places.

A week after I put Lowes on my watch list I see them show up on Barrons Pick of the Week. Brian Nagel has raised his price target for LOW up to $32, which is just about 30% over it current price of $24.50. Take a look and start thinking of those companies which will see the biggest turnaround in the next 3-6 months, especially with it becoming summertime.

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