The latest technology of 3D-capable television sets and 3D-capable computer monitors received a shot in the arm yesterday. The Augusta National Golf Club and Masters Tournament Committee announced that the 2010 Masters tournament will be telecast live on 3D-capable sets. This will be the first sport broadcasting using 3D technology. The tournament will take place from 7 to 11 April. The tournament committee is negotiating with several companies to place multiple 3D cameras strategically throughout the tournament.
Comcast Corp. (CMCSA) will provide the distribution channels necessary to deliver the content feed to its households throughout the U.S. The company will use its fiber-optic network to carry a 3D production feed to the Comcast Media Center in Denver, which will package the feed for distribution to Comcast’s cable-TV systems and the Masters website. Comcast is in the last phase of rolling out its high-speed wideband network nationwide using DOCSIS 3.0 technology.
Sony Corp. (SNE), which has 3D TVs in the market, is teaming up with the tournament committee to provide the latest advances in professional camera equipment and its 3D-capable televisions. Sony is also a co-sponsor of this tournament. International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) will also supply technologies to offer the 3D feed through Masters’ website. The tournament committee may also collaborate with other cable MSOs for the distribution of the feed.
In addition to Sony, Panasonic Corp. (PC) and Samsung Electronics Co. have also rolled out 3D TV sets in the U.S. Specially designed  glasses are needed to watch 3D programs on TVs or personal computers. 3D media player software will also be needed to watch 3D content on computers.

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