Patterns are recurring sets of images, events, objects, forms, etc. When events or situations keep coming up, eventually you will recognize them as a pattern. Of course patterns can be either supportive or destructive to your performance. Patterns that occur in your thinking or behavior can also be referred to as programs. Programming happens throughout your life, but some of the most substantive and strongest programming happens in early childhood. The important thing is to be aware that you have patterns or programming because it is difficult if not impossible to change your programming if you don’t know what is underlying it. Are you plagued by out of control behaviors, meaning that you have said over and over that you won’t move a stop, or trade without a plan, or chase a trade only to do that very thing again and again? Have you made promises to yourself to do that important thing for your trading like create a business plan, or learn and follow a strategy or keep a money management commitment…but you didn’t? All of us have from time-to-time fallen through the commitment cracks. These behavioral implosions are patterns of thinking, feeling and doing. But what separates those who excel from those who only wish they could is a willingness to turn failure into feedback, losses into lessons and focus their attention on doing only what it takes to get the consistent results that they want. This is done by measuring, tracking and documenting thoughts, feelings and behaviors. You do this in order to get a handle on these faulty patterns and uproot, extricate and neutralize them. In that way they can be replaced by patterns that are in your best interest. Most people, however, are unwilling or unable to go the extra mile and put forth the effort to replace faulty patterns, that is…to change. They get into a rut and find it easier to just stay there. They like to complain about what they are stuck in, or who has lead them astray, or why they aren’t as talented, smart, rich, creative or lucky as those who succeed. They begin to become comfortable with that rut while simultaneously cursing it.

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