Bot first put options from nice cisco rally for QQQQ, such a long time since last traded this product. SMA-50 line for SOX/SMH looks a bit attractive at this moment, but really looking for swing to this for the next week and it´s unchanged. I will be looking tomorrow also some ETF´s (there´s so many new beta 3X etf´s). Closed Eur-Usd or actually trailing stop did it as it plunged pretty hard after ECB disappointment news to leave rate unchanged. It would still trade far much lower and never reached my entry point anymore, but perhaps new setup would come tomorrow. It´s not easy by EW point of view now (at least for me) – in past 2 days zigzag is most likely scenario.

Likely going to trade it a bit during Asian market hours, but those trades are too fast to post charts as working under 40 pips movements.