STOCKS: At least 2 days down off overdone technicals
BONDS: Ongoing slowing fears despite decent sales highlight bull control
CURRENCIES: Ongoing flight to quality interest in the Dollar and the Yen ahead
COPPER: Minor downside action ahead of fears of slowing re-surface
METALS: Renewed deflationary selling expected directly ahead
CATTLE: Weak consumer demand for higher-priced beef cuts to limit upside; weak
HOGS: Set-back in pork, strong dollar not good for holding stiff premium; chop
BEANS: Outside weakness pulling market lower. New lows? Maybe not by much.
CORN: Modest support from wheat and soybeans evaporating. New lows likely.
WHEAT: Wheat is eroding along with corn and soybeans, but it may gain on corn.
ENERGY: Global recession, OPEC inaction gives the bear camp leverage
COTTON: Recover bounce may be complete; March cotton obj 39.90 on weak demand
COFFEE: Saw a nice bounce in a bear trend; more up or 107.90 next objective
SUGAR: Without some help from outside forces; more long liquidation ahead
COCOA: Buy price corrections as long as Ivory Coast supply stays tight

This content originated from – The Hightower Report.