STOCKS: A slight bullish bias off the GMAC help and year end psychology
BONDS: Continue to buy corrections down to consolidation support
CURRENCIES: More Swiss and Euro domination directly ahead
COPPER: The trade remains down look to sell recovery bounces
METALS: Expect a minor correction into the US numbers and then a recovery
CATTLE: Vulnerable to short-covering; managed funds net short 15,086
HOGS: Position traders can wait for further sell-off to 58.02 Feb, 66.27 April
BEANS: Higher prices finally sparked farmer selling to make a temporary high.
CORN: We’ve gone about as far as we can go – for now. But corn is still a buy.
WHEAT: Cash wheat selling trumped bullish technicals yesterday. Time to pause.
ENERGY: Weak global oil demand will ultimately outweigh temporary geopolitical fears
COTTON: Funds still long and cotton still in uptrend channel; more down?
COFFEE: Shift to tighter supply in 2009; smaller crops Brazil and Vietnam
SUGAR: Probing for a near-term low but index fund buying may limit downside
COCOA: Fundamentals still bullish but vulnerable to year end profit taking

This content originated from – The Hightower Report.