STOCKS: Euphoria versus economic reality, euphoria temporarily gains control
BONDS: The bears have control for at least the coming two trading sessions
CURRENCIES: The Dollar is king at least for the coming two sessions
COPPER: The bears have an edge but political euphoria is countervailing
METALS: Expect initial strength in gold and silver to prevail until mid day
CATTLE: Consumer psychology may benefit from new Administration; firm
HOGS: Probing for low enough price to adjust for slower demand/less meat
BEANS: Complex surprisingly strong overnight considering outside markets.
CORN: Over-sold condition was deeper than we thought. Corn could make a run.
WHEAT: Wheat has the biggest problem with a strong dollar. Look to sell.
ENERGY: Selling inspired by negative economic conditions & strong Dollar
COTTON: Choppy to lower trade ahead with negative outside market forces
COFFEE: Consolidated recent gains from Jan 5th lows; minor bull news supports
SUGAR: Still supported by long term production deficit and inflation fears
COCOA: Under pressure from bearish break in Pound & Dollar rally

This content originated from – The Hightower Report.