Volatility, really? The VIX (fear gauge) is still in the 15 zone, gold is going nowhere, and the market is sluggishly trending up. So, what do we have to fear?

Wall Street will have a new distraction from the unpredictable whims of crude oil prices in the coming week as first-quarter earnings season begins.

“The earnings are coming! The earnings are coming!” Get ready.

So, with all the hype around the Tesla Model 3 (myself included), a reader asked me a simple but excellent question:

— What about the new GM electric car? –

That would be the Chevy Bolt and it goes on sale in 2017 for about $30,000 and it has a range of about 200 miles per charge. Sounds like the Model 3 and GM stock should do well, right? One problem – GM has some serious, big time legal issues that have cost them over $2 billion so far. Then again …

After two years of heavy legal and financial consequences, General Motors has finally turned the tide and started winning lawsuits related to the gravest safety crisis in its history.

Could GM finally end the hemorrhaging from the faulty ignition switch issue, you know where the company actually knew about the problem and people died. We will see, but if they do, then the Chevy Bolt might be a catalyst back for the stock.

Toyota is using real and virtual experiments to train cars to drive themselves—and to take the wheel when a driver is in trouble.

Wow! A virtual Sugar Magnolia (Think Grateful Dead).