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My Guest Blogger today is Adam Hewison of INO and MarketClub

12, October 2009


First of all Tom, I want to thank you for having me as a guest today!

My name is Adam Hewison. You might want to Google Me to confirm what I am about to share with you.

There are plenty of people out there that create “exclusive email courses” with little or no credentials to
actually backup their teachings. So, I think it’s right that I share a little bit about myself with you
before we even start.

I was a former floor trader on the IMM, IOM, NYFE and LIFFE as well as a risk manager of a large,
multinational corporation in Geneva, Switzerland. I also have written books on forex trading and trend
following. In 1995, I founded and later co-founded MarketClub. I’ve been in the trading biz for
over three decades and have seen it all. I created this course as a way to give back and share trading tips
and techniques that I still use in my trading today.

In my Free Mini Email Course, I will show and explain the tools and strategies you need
to increase your success rate in the marketplace.

(1) The importance of psychology in price movement

(2) How to spot mega trends

(3) Understanding of technical price objectives

(4) How to picture price objectives

(5) How to trade with moving averages

(6) How to use point and figure trading techniques

(7) How to use the RSI indicator

(8) How to correctly use stochastics in your trading

(9) How to use the ADX indicator to capture trends

(10) How to capitalize on natural market cycles.

Plus, you will you will learn all about fibonacci retracements, MACD, Bollinger Bands and much more.

Every success,

Adam Hewison

President, & Co-Creator, MarketClub


Thanks Adam. I am sure you enjoyed Adam’s blog, now enjoy the free e-mail course.

Just fill out the form and you can get started right away.

Good trading,


Compiled by Tom Nadir.

The contents of this report are for information purposes only. It is not intended as a recommendation to trade or a solicitation for funds.

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