Medtronic, Inc. (MDT) recently launched MASTERGRAFT Strip – a new, highly flexible ceramic scaffold used in combination with a patient’s own bone for fusing multiple levels of the posterolateral spine, in the U.S. The strip is used by surgeons for a variety of bone grafting procedures.
MASTERGRAFT Strip is primarily used when the spine loses stability or its natural shape. The product offers a continuous latticework for longer grafting procedures at the back of the spine. It also enables maximization of the bony surface area contact and allows for continuous bone growth over large bony gaps. MASTERGRAFT Strip is available in unique lengths that eliminate the requirement of multiple strip units for a long fusion.
MASTERGRAFT Strip’s unique features and ease of handling during implantation makes it a preferred choice for spine surgeons. We therefore expect the product to increase the Spinal and Biologics business of Medtronic.

Medtronic is one of the world’s leading medical technology companies, specializing in implantable and interventional therapy devices and products. The company’s main competitors include St. Jude Medical (STJ) and Boston Scientific Corp. (BSX).

Medtronic’s management has a typical ‘ONE Medtronic’ approach that encompasses the following goals: drive sustainable long-term growth of 9%-11% through innovation; focus on operating margins — increase by 300 to 400 basis points; EPS growth of 11%-14% and return a minimum of 40%-50% of free cash flow to shareholders annually; and align the organization for consistent execution. Medtronic’s fiscal first quarter results indicate that the company is well on track in achieving these goals.

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