SPH:Markets hate uncertainty. Spoos are down big on a breakout mode day.I don’t really see much support down here.
NQH:1245 is support.
USH:Good breakout mode day rally. Last Thursday’s high at 127-24.5 is resistance.
JYH:I still see today as a momentum sell short day; resistance is 11065.
BPH:How the mighty fall! It’s trading on trendline support here (1.4624)
CDH:Downside breakout from yesterday’s doji, 8108 is Fib retracement support.
GCJ:Good buy day rally, there’s trendline resistance at 922.50.
SVH:Couldn’t stay above Friday’s high at 1318. I was looking to buy a second push through there, never got back there.
HGH:Hit trendline support around 156 earlier, momentum buy day tomorrow.
COH:Looks like there’s a bearish MACD crossover coming. Watch support around 2680.
SBH:A strong open with no followthrough; 1307 is key support.
CTH:It shouldn’t be surprising that the move was so big-it had coiled up for a week. 4550 is the next downside target.
CLH:Can’t get out of its own way.A close under $39 could mean more downside.
LCJ:An “oops” sell day working today; watch for more downside if 8800 can’t hold.
LHJ:Where did that come from?6300 is resistance.
SH:Recovering, I’m still interested in buying (on strength, for now).
CH:Held support at 369; look for a directional move if it takes out 380 or 369.


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