SPH:Holding the 819 area is bullish, look to the upside to extend if this holds-the day session high has been 826, then 833 are objectives.

NQH:1244 is the next upside objective.

DXH:Couldn’t clear the month’s high at 8697, expect more downside.

JYH:11030 is support; 10990 would be the next downside target.

CDH:Momentum is bearish; watch for a breakout under yesterday’s low.

CCH:Downside breakout from a doji.

SBH:cleared out the stops when it broke under 1307 support, momentum is on a buy signal.

LCJ:I bought this morning as it rallied off the gap lower open; a held trade over yesterday’s low of 8755 should help the rally.

LHJ:I was busy watching the cattle, I should have watch the hogs as well. Good rally from a doji day.

WH:Are the lows trying to hold here?

BOH:Bearish under 3300.


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