Bernanke really hasn’t said anything to buoy the markets. He said that the recession will end when the banks and credit markets stabilize (boy, I could have said that!).

March S&P:Quiet day. There’s been a bullish divergence between momentum and price the past few days. 760 is resistance.In the intermediate term, holding here would create a double bottom with the November low.
March NASDAQ:Has to regain 1153.50.
March Dow:Weakest of the three stock indices I follow; has to get back over 7400.
March Dollar Index:Doji bar so far for today; looks like tomorrow will be a momentum sell short day.
April Gold:Broke trendline support; holding Fibonacci support at 963.50. Tomorrow should be a momentum buy day.
March Silver:Broke trendline support and old high support at 1393.1370 is the next support area. Chart looks worse than gold’s.
March Copper: Regaining 150 is key for the bulls. This is a breakout day rally, so I’d be cautious about the long side tomorrow.
April Live Cattle:8567 is a 50% retracement of this month’s selloff.
Soybeans, Soymeal:Tight range so far today, setting up for a breakout day tomorrow?

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