March SP:The early rally attempt faded; I expect a selloff this afternoon.
March NASDAQ:The chart for the Naz looks worse that the SP, it’s testing yesterday’s low.
March Treasury Bonds:Regaining sharp losses after German PM Merkel’s press conference, which offered nothing substantial (the Geithner school of press conferences?).Look for a rally
March Japanese Yen:10567 is the low for 2009; momentum is giving a buy signal.
April Gold:I’d like to buy it, but I don’t see any support around here.
March Silver:Held support at 1393; momentum is on a buy signal.
April Crude Oil:Worked toward the broken support at 3982; is it trying to bottom?
April Lean Hogs:Breaking under the old contract low at 5980.
May Wheat:Trying to break trend line resistance at 534

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