Stocks are recovering after breaking through recent lows earlier in the session.The Chicago NAPM was a bit stock friendly, but Monday’s national NAPM is much more important.

March S&P:750 is key resistance for the rest of this session.
March NASDAQ:Back to unchanged; held trade above unchanged could bring in buyers.Resistance is at the overnight low of 1138.75 then 1150.
June Treasury Bonds:Broke the double bottom at 123-22, today’s economic news wasn’t enough to hold them up.MACD is about at a bearish crossover. The shorter end of the curve looks better.
March EuroFX:Regaining 127 takes some of the heat off for now.
April Gold:Big range; so far it’s holding Fibonacci support at 936.Yesterday’s low at 932 is next support.
May Silver:Regained $13.00, look for a further rebound.$13.30 in resistance.
April Crude Oil:Held $43, looks bullish.
May Soybeans:Double bottom at 854, 871 is resistance.

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