Stocks are higher and the Dollar is lower as traders climb back off the ledge.There wasn’t any real news to cause this-the Chicago PMI and consumer confidence both were slightly lower. However, there also hasn’t been any catastrophic news today-no GM bankruptcy talk today.The Dollar’s selloff has aided a broad swath of commodity prices.

June S&P:800 is psychological resistance, and 803 is a 50% retracement of the past three days’ selloff,
June Japanese Yen:Broker trendline support at 10137; the low for the move is 10054.
June Canadian Dollar:The rally failed, MACD looks ready for a bearish crossover, Watch yesterday’s low of 7912.
May Coffee:Good buy day rally, 116.03 is 50% retracement resistance
May Cotton:Upside breakout over 4500; 4674 is Fibonacci retracement resistance
May Crude Oil:See my blog post here.
May Soybeans:Extending the opening gains; trading over 940 resistance. There’s trendline resistance at 950-4. Midsession Futures Comments for March 31

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