I warned about Facebook and putting too much info online. Here is an item from the local newspaper: Oceanside teen sues Facebook Online taunting spilled into bullying at school.

I have some business colleagues that wanted to “friend” me on Facebook and I was hesitant to co- mingle them with my colleges buds. You never know what people from the young and foolish past might post.

Something from James Grant, Interest Rate Observer:
Citizen asks: “When will the pain of the bear market be over?”
Answer: “When you give up asking”

Something from Alex Spiroglou in a chat room:
Whenever a market slide has become subject to a downside target auction, a bottom is usually very near. (commenting on the number of posts this group of professional market technicians concerning where the market will eventually bottom – majority say 620 on the S&P 500)

Here is some viral (non) video making the rounds explaining TARP.

Like pouring water on sand. No matter how much water you pour on it, you still just have sand.

Maybe we can get some of Jack Black’s “Va-Poo-Rizer” and just spray it all away!