TOKYO (AP) — Mitsubishi Motors Corp. shareholders have approved the ouster of Carlos Ghosn, who was pivotal in the Japanese automaker’s three-way partnership with Nissan and Renault until he was arrested on financial misconduct charges last year.

The vote took place at a two-hour general meeting of shareholders at a Tokyo hotel Friday. Some votes were submitted in advance.

Nissan Motor Co. owns 34% of Mitsubishi Motors.

Osamu Masuko, who was reappointed chairman, promised to strengthen governance and transparency and monitor wrongdoing.

Nissan shareholders held an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting in April to oust Ghosn as chairman.

It is holding a general shareholders’ meeting next week to approve governance measures. French automaker Renault SA owns 43% of Nissan.

Ghosn, charged with falsifying financial documents and breach of trust, says he is innocent.