Bond’s go to a 7 month high picking up 2 handles plus, US Dollar makes a huge outside day down, suggesting continued sell pressure being loaded up for next week,

US bonds rally. Ironically, the item being considered for default rallies sharply.
This morning I was very bearish stocks.

Turns out I was the good fade for today. However, I did note that it was important for 12,000 to hold for the cash dow and the futures.

For now I still want to be long the dow on this break. I am going home long a small position over the weekend. I have sell stops below my current levels.

12143 was my last buy point. we are sitting there as I write this entry. 12122 last.

Monday should be interesting.

In the grains, it was a risk off day. CZ held support at 665 1/2. But it looks heavy.

That’s about it.
Have a great weekend.

Next week should be interesting.