I stirred up an international can of worms yesterday with my memories of the bombing of the Copernic Synagogue. A French-born reader says I was wrong about the date; it was in Oct. 1980 not 1981. The person who made the appalling remark about “not just Jews but innocent Frenchmen being killed” was Premier Raymond Barre, not George Pompidou, who had died by then.

Moreover the French authorities now know who the bomber was.

A Canadian-Lebanese man held for allegedly killing four people and injuring 40 in the 1980 bombing of a Paris synagogue is fighting extradition from Canada. He is of all things a part-time university professor of sociology, Hassan Diab of Ottawa. He is wanted by France on charges of murder, attempted murder, and the destruction of property after the 1980 bombing. He was freed on bail and allowed to continue teaching while the appeal goes on.

A British reader wrote that the plaque commemorating a later Paris bombing, at the Goldenberg deli, has been removed now that the Rue de Rosiers shop has been turned into a clothing boutique. Yech.

Paul Renaud writes about his Thai stock picks which can be viewed (free) at www.thaistocks.com:

The performance record here is totally documented to members as I go.

The record is long and hard on how many US brokers in the past have at times not credited shareholder benefits on Thai stocks.

I for one view the crisis here as a buying opportunity, this is why I did not agree with your cousin’s “fear tour”, which is sensationalism but lnot market investor wisdom. Maybe true now; but Thai markets are forward looking. The Baht currency and the stock market here have shown strong resilience (the currency even firmness).

I remain Thai stock select bullish, as I know how to pick them. But I reserve the best for my members only (along with a model portfolio) and only after a few weeks time make some articles available to all registered users. Membership here is now only offered by invitation.

More for paid subscribers follows (unapologetically) from Israel, Canada, France, Britain, and Qatar.