As of today the top ten most active stock option contracts traded were:

  1. UPS (UPS) November 55 Call Options
  2. UPS January 45 Call Options
  3. PowerShares QQQ (QQQQ) January 38 Put Options
  4. Volatility Index (VIX) December 20 Put Options
  5. S&P 500 SPDR (SPY) November 110 Call Options
  6. Volatility Index December 18 Put Options
  7. Bank of America (BAC) November 17.50 Call Options
  8. Plum Creek Timber (PCL) November 30 Call Options
  9. S&P 500 SPDR November 110 Put Options
  10. S&P 500 SPDR November 108 Call Options

There isn’t too much unusual activity today as the UPS and Plum Creek activity is due to dividends being spun out of the shares tomorrow. There was some very bearish betting going on for the December Volatility Index put options today, which is bullish on the overall market. Today I took advantage of the nice move higher on Google (GOOG) and Apple (AAPL) in the A.M. to write covered calls before purchasing them back for a nice profit near close. I also wrote December 24 strike call options on the PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bullish ETF (UUP) for $15 per option contract or half the cost of my long December 23 call contracts. I opened a tiny hedge position by purchasing some S&P 500 SPDR (SPY) November 108 put options. I may not post most actives Thursday and Friday as I will be in Detroit, MI.