As of today the top ten stock options traded were:

  1. Vale S.A. (NYSE:VALE) January 15 Call Options
  2. Vale S.A. October 23 Call Options
  3. Vale S.A. October 22 Call Options
  4. Citigroup (NYSE:C) October 5 Call Options
  5. Vale S.A. October 25 Call Options
  6. Citigroup November 5 Call Options
  7. Vale S.A. October 24 Call Options
  8. Vale S.A. October 21 Call Options
  9. S&P 500 SPDR (NYSE:SPY) October 110 Call Options
  10. Citigroup December 5 Call Options

Once again all of the activity on my most actives screen is for call options. However it is very clouded by Vale (NYSE:VALE) as they will be spinning a dividend out tomorrow morning, and with just one day it makes the dividend play very attractive. I debated purchasing NOV Citigroup 5 Call options today on weakness, but really want to see how the financials react to Bank of America’s numbers. I believe Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) will also beat, and I am looking for positive comments out of them on the Merrill Lynch acquisition. Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) trumped earnings and I am hoping for an even greater pop to bring this market even higher. Look for upgrades in the morning and I believe Google could be trading near 560 a share. It was an extremely impressive quarter and made me even more bullish on the tech giant! I wouldn’t mind getting long Google at these levels and I am glad I am long. Google is on pace to open at a 52-week high tomorrow morning, and I believe it will. I think the stock trades up to 600 easily within the next 6 months. I may look at closing my March call spreads tomorrow (as blogged about here), just to open a longer dated higher strike vertical call spread. All out bullish on Google after that quarter! Happy expiration trading tomorrow!