MTV Networks, a division of Viacom Inc. (VIA.B) signed a deal with Rentrak Corp. (RENT) to subscribe to the latter’s TV Essential services. Rentrak is a multi-screen media measurement and research company. TV Essential services are used by media companies for audience targeting, advertising, and programming through set-top boxes. 

MTV Network becomes the first major cable group that subscribed to Rentrak’s TV Essential services. MTV Network will use the massive set-top viewing database available through TV Essentials to make more informed decisions in audience targeting, advertising, and programming. TV Essential set-top boxes now incorporate dataset of Dish Network Corp. (DISH). As a result, TV Essentials now offers census level TV ratings data for all designated market areas in the U.S. 

In Aug 2009, Rentrak’s TV Essential services received a shot in its arm when it got FLO-TV Network, a division of Qualcomm Inc. (QCOM) as its subscriber. Advertisement in the mobile TV network is gaining huge market traction for the corporate world. Since each mobile device is connected to a specific viewer, the scope for target audience advertisement is enormous in this industry. Rentrak’s TV Essentials media management system provides relevant viewership information on FLO-TV network to several advertisers and content developers.
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