Hmmm, it´s actually worked pretty well on production mode.

I didn´t have chance to see more more buy setups which would be interest me to see more in 1 minute mode because all higher Ichimoku charts are screaming sell mode so there´s nothing higher timeframes to support to buy a price up during the chart. On sunday evening we ramped up quickly my smaller W4, hit the RSI 75 roof there and that all happened in the high spike. Specially it worked well together basic oscillators like with RSI + MACD 1 and 5 Min- it run during the chosen timeframe from oversold RSI-25 level to overbought +75 to start falling. It seems Ichimoku is not ultimate tool to found orthodox bottoms and tops like ew does, instead it follows the price & momentum.

According to guidelines how to use it – marked them all to the chart. Perhaps there´s even more of them like divergence of momentum.