In a recent press release, NCR Corp. (NCR) announced that the United States’ largest travel centers operator, Pilot Travel Centers LLC, has been included in the customer list of the company. Pilot Travel will be using an advanced point-of-sale (POS) solution named the NCR RealPOS 70XRT provided by NCR. This solution is expected to speed up the checkout process of Pilot’s customers, which will increase operational efficiency and reduce operational cost.
NCR’s point-of-sale solution, a product of the NCR Advanced store segment, is an extensive set of software components and functionalities that satisfies POS system requirements and provides key elements of enterprise system capabilities, offering superior pricing and promotional capabilities, multi-channel support and Customer Relationship Management functionality, as well as enterprise returns management capability to different merchandise and retailers across geographies.
This new advanced POS solution will be used by Pilot Travel Centers LLC, in all of its 306 travel centers located in 39 states. NCR RealPOS scanners and NCR RealPOS printers will be part of this solution. Apart from this, NCR POS technology will be used in Pilot’s restaurants and NCR self-service kiosks will be available in every Pilot store. These kiosks will facilitate the process of checkouts, without the customers having to wait for it.
Recently, NCR turned its attention to its point-of-sale solution. Few weeks back, NCR Advanced Store point-of-sale (POS) solution, version 5.4 achieved the “Payment Application Data Security Standard” (PA-DSS) version 1.2. of the “Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council” (PCI SSC). The (PA-DSS) standards have been deployed to protect credit card information of consumers against security threats.
The company is already a leading provider of Automated Teller Machines (ATM) and we believe these new user friendly POS solutions will help the company win more customers going forward.
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