ECTH_chart.pngHaving enjoyed extremely volatile session yesterday, EcoTech Energy Group, Inc. (PINK:ECTH) gave promoters an incentive to tighten their grip on ECTH stock. Needless to say, the latter wasted no time in launching a paid advertising campaign for the upcoming session.

ECTH closed yesterday’s session at $0.29, up 44.28%, barely shifting about 3,000 shares. Thus, ECTH made up for the huge loss it suffered the day before. What is more, the gain must have been attractive enough to get promoters’ attention as a brand-new nine-thousand-dollar promotion was launched last night. While the campaign has had limited success within the first 45 minutes of the current session, it has indeed awakened traders as more than 5,200 shares have changed hands so far, as opposed to the 3,057 yesterday.

1ECTH_logo.jpgBack in February, ECTH’s managers proudly announced to have secured ‘a non-dilutive debt financing package’ of approx. CAD 55 million. Today, a high-ranked official shed further light on the matter in a new interview. As it is, the company plants to construct a 5MW Power Plant in British Columbia.

In terms of technicals, ECTH will hardly do any wonders in the sessions to come. No extreme values appear on the chart, which, combined with ECTH’s penny status, make spotting a potential uptrend a fairly challenging experience. Nevertheless, the company could stand a real chance of striking it lucky provided that its managers succeed in getting their multi-mullion-dollar project going.