77NWGC_chart.pngNew World Gold Corp. (PINK:NWGC) closing down after a paid pump is not exactly a shocking development, as it has happened more than once or twice in the past.

Yesterday was just one of those sessions for HWGC. The day before, the company issued an optimistic press release after the close. The news was that NWGC had hired a mining engineer to evaluate the gold reserves.

Several hours after that, the pump mails started coming in. At least three separate promoters were touting HWGC. One was compensated $13 thousand by, Doji Capital, Inc, another – $10 thousand by an undisclosed third party, and the third – $25 thousand by ATG Inc. LLC.[BANNER]

NWGC opened up with a gap at $0.118, but that price lasted just minutes, and at the end of the day NWGC closed down 5.26% at $0.09.

NWGC_logo.pngIt seems, the company hasn’t been able to impress investors with its performance so far. The positive effect of the reported profit for the first quarter didn’t last a month. Things may change if NWGC manages to operate without significantly diluting existing shareholders.