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No More Reason to Be Long in the Market, SELL SHORT!

The SP500 has reached a major resistance level and falling down.

If you look at the COT on the miniSP you have a picture of what is going on: DISTRIBUTION! Non commercial are getting out of the boat and speculators jumping in…

Together with the Goldman Sachs’ (GS) shameful behavior, probably just the tip of the iceberg…., the Euro zone crisis and the end of the forced government stimulus to the economies we have a pretty clear idea of what could be ahead, a strong correction!

I had underestimated in the last months the power of politics and wall street lobbies tied to them but the fact that Goldman is under attack is telling to me that politicians are done with them and trying to restore confidence into people is more urgent than everything else….especially with deficit ballooning…

Something big is going on!

Time to lock in profit for the smart guys that were riding the bull, time to be big short if you have the stomach!

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