Trying to gather some of my more desirable and encompassing information here:

A Simple Use of Moving Averages: Trend Determination – In this post, I strive to set forth one of the simpler methods of trend determination I know.

Practice Makes Better – You’ve heard it a million times before–it’s a cliche that is worth its weight in gold (not that it makes any sense to weigh a cliche…).

Why a Plan is Pertinent – Short and sweet advice for the impulsive types.

How to Play Liar’s Poker – Another relatively popular article that explains the subtleties of this bluffing game (Michael Lewis named his famous book after this game).

34 Steps to 25,000 – My optimism overtook me here. But, at least this gives some idea as to how much effort it would take to get from $1,000 to $25,000.

Making Money with Simple Point and Figure Support and Resistance Trendlines – Probably my most popular and helpful article. Gives a primer on some techniques any trader can use to determine relatively clear support and resistance lines.

Zen Poetry – Somewhat enigmatic, I’d probably stick with the “Stock Club” rules below; however, these ideas have helped me.

WSJ for Free – My attempt to flee the poverty that oppresses me (i.e. How to get the Wall Street Journal for free; legally!)

Mr. NYSE BPI and Mrs. VIX – A post discussing some basic ways to interpret and understand the NYSE Bullish Percent Index and the VIX.

Triangles – Good example of triangles on point and figure charts.

Strangle LEH/WM? and In times of turbulence, Options are a good Option – An experiment with straddles and strangles on LEH/WM before each of their collapses.

I can’t do that, Dave – My first attempt at making a program to help me with technical indicators.

First rule of Stock Club… – A list of rules that (in my opinion) a successful trader will take into consideration.

Fruit ripe for the picking – My (as it turns out, prescient) first post and a good example of resistance and oversold stochastics.