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I’ve recently retired and am receiving 80% of my former pay. I am married w/ three young boys. I’ve been very interested in trading stocks for many years and have traded mostly unsuccessfully for about 5 years. I am considering taking Dick Diamond’s trading course. What do you think?

Joe from Diamond town


Joe, Dick Diamond seems to have a good reputation and quite a resume. I can’t speak to any more than this, other than to say his course is expensive, but this should not be your sole criteria for judging. It may be just what you need, if you seriously want to trade with real money. I can say that much of what he will teach you, you can learn on your own, such as I did, and many others have done. For example,

Diamond always uses stops on all his orders. “You must take your losses quickly. If I’m in a trade and it doesn’t work for me, I’m out almost immediately. Defense is what trading is all about,” he says. Diamond warns that one of the downsides to full-time trading is “you have to be a lone wolf. You really have to concentrate on what you are doing. You are either going to like that lifestyle or you aren’t.”

Taking his course, or any other good one for that matter, will speed things up, no doubt, so ask yourself, how much time and money do you want to spend on learning?

Trade in the day; invest in your life.

Trader Ed