Yesterday I read an email that was forwarded to me and after reading it, I was compelled to write this blog because it contained one of the dumbest things I have ever read. Now I read many stupid things that come across this desk and usually I just trash the email, memo, article etc and move on with my day, but today the content of this email bothered me so much that I was actually compelled to write about this particularly stupid email instead of just trashing it as I normally do. Why? Because a breakdown of the content of this email will expose exactly why the criminal banking class has been able to deceive, control, and even steal money from the people without any tangible resistance for centuries now. In Egypt, after years of corruption in the government, the people finally mobilized to overthrow their dictator President Mubarak, a person that plundered the wealth of Egypt’s citizenry to build an estimated personal net worth of $40 to $70 billion. When I hear stories like this, I often wonder why the people remain so passive against huge injustices committed against them and why they don’t revolt against the equally morally-vacant leaders of Wall Street’s Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citigroup, and Bank of America, leaders that not only plunder and ravage the people’s wealth with equal relish but then have the gall to claim they are doing “God’s work” as they steal, lie and cheat their way to the top. I found the answer to this question in the email I opened today.

In this email, this person stated that he had often heard about claims that the gold futures market was grossly manipulated for the past 10 years but because the investment industry had always marginalized these claims through the well-known disinformation tactic of labeling the people that made these claims as “on the fringe” or as “conspiracy theorists”, he too had disregarded these claims for the past 10 years. Since this person disregarded these people’s claims for 10 years and gave no credence to the fact that the gold futures market has been grossly manipulated for decades longer, I assume that this person either read the facts that came across his desk and disregarded them entirely because the investment industry had successfully labeled the people making the factual claims as “conspiracy theorists” or he never bothered to read the facts that backed these claims. If he had, he would undoubtedly have come across some of GATA’s works, the leading “on the fringe” institution that has uncovered the most evidence of gold manipulation since 1999. Among this evidence are smoking guns of US Federal Reserve documents and other Central Bank documents that admit past schemes to manipulate gold prices. The only way one can deny the evidence of gold manipulation contained in smoking gun documents such as these is if one has been brainwashed to disbelieve any claim not backed by the “investment industry”.

In any event, this person went on to say in this email that the claims of gold manipulation that were so shady and without credibility all of a sudden have credibility in his opinion now, because Eric Sprott, “one of the world’s most respected and successful investor has made headlines as a believer in gold manipulation.” In this email, this person further commented that he used to disregard talk of gold manipulation but now that Mr. Sprott has said gold manipulation takes place, that he believes in gold manipulation. This is the most idiotic thing I have ever read and perhaps also further indictment of an institutional education system that puts zero emphasis on refining individual’s critical thinking abilities. Now Eric Sprott IS a brilliant guy, he IS one of the most respected gold analysts in the world, and he IS right about big banks and the US government colluding to manipulate gold prices. The person that wrote the email IS also right for now believing in gold price manipulation by TPTB. However, and this is a big however, it is unequivocally idiotic for a person to change his or her fundamental belief about a market just because one person, even if the person is a vaunted expert, says it is so. What if Warren Buffet had said he believed in gold manipulation 10 years ago? Would this person have believe that gold manipulation happens 10 years earlier just because of the opinion of one person?

In fact, the worst reason in the world to change one’s fundamental belief is because an “expert”, proven or not, tells you to believe something. And this is fundamentally the reason why people around the world have not risen up and revolted as a group against the bankers that steal and plunder their wealth. We are too used to waiting for an “expert” to tell us what to think rather than thinking for ourselves. The reason one should change one’s belief about anything is because one has been astute enough to distill the facts from lies, observant enough to separate truth from propaganda, and wise enough to determine one’s own conclusions without needing input from an authority figure to corroborate one’s opinion. What kind of world would we live in if hundreds of years ago, sailors disregarded the fact that they would see ships disappear below the horizon and thus knew that the world was round, even though the “experts” kept telling them to believe that the world was flat? And what kind of world do we live in when people can disregard the facts that have been presented for more than a decade now of gold price manipulation because the investment industry “experts” told them that the people making these claims were nutjobs?

Now I haven’t read Mr. Sprott’s reasons for why he believes that the price of gold is manipulated, and I don’t need to because I concluded a decade ago, after my own research and the research of industry pioneers such as GATA that contradicted the commercial investment industry stance, that the price of gold was undeniably manipulated. Mr. Sprott is a smart man and I’m sure Mr. Sprott would not make such a statement without have plenty of facts to support his contention. However, had the gentlemen that switched his opinion about gold manipulation merely based on Mr. Sprott’s contention ever looked at the facts compiled by the “on the fringe” element, including even my tiny contribution to the gold price suppression case, compiled over the past few decades, he would have found irrefutable evidence for many years that would have led him to the same conclusion he has arrived at today, and probably a decade earlier. Besides uncovering price movements in the gold futures markets that are virtually impossible in a free market environment, had this person merely looked at the facts presented by the “on the fringe” element, he would have discovered documented admissions from Central Bankers themselves of manipulating the gold price. However, doing so would have meant discrediting the investment industry’s attacks against the people trying to disseminate truth about gold price movements and this apparently, was an act of which this person was incapable of executing.

Anytime I read an article in which a person states that he or she has changed his opinion, not because of facts that support a change of heart, but because an expert has voiced the same thing, I am going to call this person out. No country will ever move forward and solve the Ponzi banking scheme that has been imposed upon us by the corrupt banking class under such a mentality. Everyone needs to start critically thinking for themselves if we are going to change this world for the better any time soon. Those that are in control of society through government and economics desire to instill a weak mentality among the masses where they can control us. One way they successfully accomplish this is by making us reliant on the opinions of “experts” to form our own belief systems. Why? Because they have placed many of the shills that masquerade as experts in the media in their positions of power, whether in academics, politics, religion, or in business. And by granting these “experts” the biggest bully pulpit and soapbox, they control our thoughts and make us docile to their wishes. The ratio of false experts to real experts that receive coverage in the mass media is likely to be somewhere around 100:1. Very few real experts like Mr. Sprott receive media attention and I guarantee you if Mr. Sprott made his belief about gold manipulation known 10 years ago, even though he would have been as correct as he is today, he would have been ridiculed for his belief by the investment industry back then. There is something fundamentally wrong with the way we think if the opinion of one person can change our belief systems overnight.

As a further extension of this counter-intelligent and counter-productive “prophet worship” we engage in, I’m sure one of the reasons many Americans still do not own a single physical ounce of gold and silver is because investment “expert” Warren Buffet constantly denigrates gold and calls gold “useless”. Rather than thinking for themselves and researching whether owning gold has merit, the fact that Warren Buffet constantly denigrates gold is a good enough reason for many not to own gold. If Warren Buffet doesn’t own gold, why should I? And as far as silver? The fact that Warren Buffet sold his silver in 2006 is also a good enough reason for many, I’m sure, not to own any silver. In fact, Ted Butler has stated that even though Buffet bought silver around the $6 an ounce range, that Buffet probably only broke even on the approximately 130 million ounces of silver that he sold in 2006 due to an offsetting large short position on silver that Buffet also maintained at the time.

Ultimately, any investor that has decided to purchase the GLD ETF and SLV ETF as a way of exposure to silver and gold has also been likely bamboozled by the investment industry experts. The reason that the US and much of Europe is in so much trouble now is because we have put all of our faith in the so-called “experts” that aren’t really experts at all but paid-off, bribed servants of the banking-government elite. It’s time we stopped trusting the anointed “experts” of the political-banking alliance and start trusting ourselves instead.