Options Trading is an Insurance

Today you can discover how options trading can turn your life around if you take the time to learn the necessary basics.

If you are curious about options, maybe frightened about options or have been trading without much success then this introductory video by veteran trader, Ron Iranieri is for you.

Ron Iranieri has worked on the floor and is a specialist in both Equity Options and Foreign Exchange Options. His introduction to options trading video gives a braod out line of the otions tading business.

When used correctly options are not the speculative risky instrument many people would have you believe. They are a flexible intrument that provide both profit and risk protection for your portfolio.

Options can act as an insurance for your investments and used in this way is a great tool for investors. See this introduction to options trading video for more information. 

The contents of this report are for information purposes only. Compiled by Tom Nadir.

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