I am finally fully convinced that someday I will be able to make money trading stocks. The market volatility may change and I’ll have to continue adapting to shifting conditions – maybe even come up with new strategies and approaches. It’s not a matter of if, just of when. The problem is I want to push the fast forward button and skip the steps between then and the time I’ll be able to produce consistent results trading, with real cash of course.

Right now I’m somewhat “overbought” in my focus on all this. I feel like I have a bunch of new information and lessons that I will actually digest better by being away from the charts and watching tickers. Most of all I just need to get some balance in my life. The balance will actually help me make the next developmental leaps I need to make. So I’m going to take a break from paper trading and blogging until February 2nd. My goals are:

1) Get consistent with my exercise, eating healthy and sleeping well routines (which will make me more mentally acute).

2) Catch up and get ahead on my work projects (which will make trading less stressful).

3) Finish a couple home projects, we have a baby coming in March (which will take the guilt away that I should get the list done before having fun trading!).

I’m going to keep up with everyone’s blogs using Google Reader on my phone, but I’m only going to read when I’m at the gym and on a machine. I’ll be back commenting and posting on the 2nd.

Good luck trading!