Highlights: 83% successful trades & account up 6%!

July was another successful month for The Oxen Group. We saw our Oxen Picks account grow by over 6% due to numerous successful trades (15 out of 18, or 83!). In July, the market recoiled back from astream oflosses as tech and financials led the month. Playing the oil and energy ETFs was particularly profitable, as the energymarket continues to be volatile. We are lookingfor the month ofAugusfor a defining month as we enter a post-recessionary market that will either continue to look forward or hit some bumps in the road. With the market being extremely overbought and overvalued, we may spend the beginning of the month somewhat sideways as investors await more big news and more bargains to present themselves.

Here are more more statistics from the month of July, trading my account:

  • Our account increased from 4481.77 to 4758.47 in month of July. That is an increase of 6.17%.
  • We had15 positive trading days out of 18.
  • Six of 18 days gave us3% gains or more.
  • We began a 3% stop loss policy. This was beneficial on two days when thestockwe boughttrailed below 3% from our entry price.
  • Our accounthas now moved up 58.62% in 86 days of trading or 4 months.

David Ristau