Looks like my main internet connection at my new office space will not be set-up until Friday so I think I will not be back to trading until Monday…

…while I have taken several breaks from the markets since last November, this is the first time where I really let go and stopped watching the indices closely, reduced my blog reading drastically and stopped being highly emerged thinking about trading by reading books, doing long blog posts or looking extensively at historical charts.

I actually feel very refreshed for the first time. I have rediscovered the things I like about my day job and am very excited about the class I’m teaching this semester.

Going forward, I will have to find the fine balance between allocating enough time and energy into being a good trader and giving the attention necessary to succeed at such a difficult profession, even as a part-timer…while living holistically in all other areas of my life.

Excessive obsession and tunnel vision with trading won’t necessarily make me more money, and may actually slow my progress down.

May your trades this week net you some nice profits!