OK, I’ve got nothing so far!  

I haven’t been to the mall yet but I promised my kids we’d go tonight and my youngest has “Black Friday Fever” as apparently they now teach kids shopping in school and she’s been telling me how this is the best weekend EVER to go out and buy things.  I’m going to take her and let her wait on a line or two before she breaks and then we can go see the new Harry Potter movie in Imax but at least I’ll get my field work done and I’ll report in over the weekend

Just keep your eyes open when you go to the stores, not just as to whether they are busy but as to whether people are actually buying thing and what kind of things they are buying – then just tell us what you saw.  

Obviously, we care the most about stores we can invest in but general observations are good too.  This is going to be make or break for the holidays but I think a lot of high expectations are already built in and this survey is a great way for us to gian insight as to what’s hot and what’s not around the country.

Try to include the symbols for the companies you discuss and be sure to give us a good idea, geographically of where you are shopping. Last year we got a great picture of what was going on in the country and it kept us from falling for the media hype about holiday shopping last year.

Only by comparing many people’s experiences can we begin to get a good picture of the retail situation in this country, Thanks!